Statement on policy recording/airing of public candidate forums

League of Women Voters Berkeley Heights, New Providence and Summit


The League of Women Voters Berkeley Heights, New Providence and Summit (LWVBHNPS) provides the public with unedited videotapes of our candidate forums. We show the forums in their entirety, whether on the Internet or public access television. The LWVBHNPS does not support or oppose any candidate, and when League-sponsored debates are videotaped, the LWVBHNPS expects that the event will be shown in its entirety, without editing or commentary.


In addition, any use of the League name or of footage from the forum in Campaign materials, literature or advertising of any kind including Internet, cable or television has not been authorized by the League of Women Voters Berkeley Heights, New Providence and Summit. 


This policy is based on guidance from the League of Women Voters of the United States. 


We will continue to videotape our forums and make the complete, unedited video available to the public.



The League of Women Voters of New Jersey Women and Family Issues Committee invited the public to attend their free public program, NJ Maternal Mortality: A Critical Issue: A PANEL DISCUSSION, on Thursday, November 14, 2019 at 7:00 PM. This event was held at the DeCorso Center, 15 E 4th Street, New Providence.
Panelists included the following:
Dr. Nastassia Davis, Founding Exec Director, Perinatal Health Equity Foundation, Mary Ditri, Vice-President Community Health, NJ Hospital Association, Michelle Gabriel-Caldwell, Owner, Baby Please Birth Services, S. Nadia Hussain, Maternal Justice Campaign Director, Moms Rising, Jill Wodnick, Montclair State University, Lamaze International, Judith Woop, NJ State School Nurses Association


TO VIEW our VIDEO from the LWVBHNPS sponsored General Assembly District 21 Candidate Forum 2019 held on October 26, 2019. click here:

TO VIEW our VIDEO from  the Berkeley Heights Candidate Forum that was held on October 22, 2019 you may view it here. Candidates for Town Council include: Gentiana Brahimaj, Manuel Couto, Julie Figlar and Rina Franchino.

TO VIEW our VIDEO: Reporting the News in 2019

Where do you get your news? Is your new source politically slanted? On September 26th the LWV-BHNPS held a public speaker meeting at the DeCorso Center in New Providence. The speaker, Stefanie Murray, the Director of the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University spoke about the state of news reporting today including news that appears in  both print and digital formats. You can view this event here:

TO VIEW our VIDEO from Climate Change in the Garden State by Dr, David Robinson click here


TO VIEW our VIDEO from our LWV-BHNPS program Building a Feminist Future: Our time is NOW Anjali Mehrotra, President, NOW NJ, A public program presented by the League of Women Voters, BHNPS, Co-President Susan Ferris Rights


TO VIEW our VIDEO from our LWV-BHNPS program "Women Running and Winning: Three Local Stories" please click on this link:


TO VIEW our VIDEO from  our LWV-BHNPS program "All Life Depends on Water" (Sandra Meola from NJ/NY Baykeeper) please click on this link:


TO VIEW our VIDEO from out LWV-BHNPS program "Marijuana: Decriminalize? Legalize?" please click on this link:

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